Philly Pretzel Factory – From Their Warm Ovens to Your Mouth Fresh

Philly Pretzel Factory - Oregon Ave Location

‘Hot Out of the Oven, Philly Pretzels Just Like Heaven”

The Philly Pretzel Factory corporate office is located in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia, operating in the original building where their first store opened in May 1998.

The whole concept was started by Founder and CEO Dan DiZio when he was 11 years of age. As a youngster, Dan sold pretzels on the corner of Roosevelt Blvd and had dreams of opening a store one day. After graduating from college, Dan decided to give it a shot with friend and co-founder Len Lehman, only wanting to serve the best of the best.

Fourteen years later, Philly Pretzel Factory is stronger than ever before with more than 120 locations covering eight different states.

Philly Pretzel Factory Experience & Atmosphere

What makes a Philly Pretzel Factory Pretzel unique? The companies main focus is to serve each pretzel fresh and warm, no more than 30 minutes after coming out of the oven, when walking in their doors. There are no words in their vocabulary as “left over” pretzels.

The pretzels are made fresh at each location daily, using a proprietary blend of high quality flour and mixing it with water and yeast. Each pretzel is hand twisted and each pretzel contains 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, and o trans fat.

The company offers a wide selection of pretzels, such as: real pretzels (normal size), mini pretzels, rivets (small bite size), the cheesesteak pretzel, pretzel dogs (Dietz & Watson all beef with melted American cheese), spicy sausage pretzels (Dietz & Watson all sausage with American Cheese), cinnamon pretzels (coated with cinnamon & sugar), and the pepperoni melt pretzel (sliced pepperoni, assorted cheeses, Italian seasonings, with marinara sauce). Keep in mind, that you can order various party trays for all occasions.

Speaking to President Marty Ferrell, asking him what else he could tell us, he said:

“Go Eat More Pretzels…… We are very proud of what we do.”

I can attest to this, because I truly love the pretzels at the Philly Pretzel Factory and two of my favorites are the cheesesteak pretzel and the pepperoni melt pretzel. Do you have one that you love?

Philly Pretzel Factory Extras

  • PPF gives away one fresh pretzel each year on National Pretzel Day which is on April 26th.
  • PPF of West Chester, PA was featured in the movie “Marley & Me.”
  • One question that is asked frequently. Can they make pretzels in any shape or size for special events. Yes, just contact your local store, giving them 24 hours notice.
  • Watch how these soft pretzels are made in-house. ~ Hot Pretzels by Philly Pretzel Factory ~


7368 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19136 (Mayfair Section)


Each Location Varies  |  Location Finder > Click Here


(215) 338 – 4606

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Philly Pretzel Factory

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