The Mummers Parade – A Long Standing Philly Tradition

Mummers Parade - Hegeman String Band of 2013

'Mummers Strutting Up Broad Street - A Long Standing Philly Tradition'   Hey Philadelphia, are you ready to strut! The Mummers Parade, which is a New Year’s Day tradition, returns for its 117th year. Nothing like seeing and hearing a String Band performing live in the Mummers Parade which is a one-of-a-kind experience. What is a Mummer? Mummers are men and women of all ages, some as young as 12 years old or as old as 70, who belong to clubs that make up the organization called … [Read more...]

String Band Music Under the Stars with the Mummers in the Summer!

Mummers String Band at Mummers Museum

'Family Fun and the Mummers Strut with the Mummers String Bands'  The Mummers in Philadelphia is a long standing tradition in which the History of the Mummers date back to the mid 1800's. The first official parade was held January 1, 1901. Imagine that! Many Philadelphians look forward to the Mummers Parade which takes place on New Year's Day. If you wanted more Mummery, there was the Show of Shows, which use to take place near the end of February every year. But that has been cancelled … [Read more...]

The Hegeman String Band – Mummers in Philadelphia -Part 1

The Hegeman String Band - Mummers Club - Mummers in Philadelphia - Mummers Parade

 The Hegeman String Band - Mummers in Philadelphia The Mummers Parade in Philadelphia is right around the corner, with ten days to go. I want to introduce you to the Hegeman String Band, in which I was allowed to do an exclusive interview with them these past two weeks. (fyi - This article was originally written in December 2011. Each String Band is a little different, but it gives you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.) History of the Hegeman String Band There is a lot of history … [Read more...]

Mummers Museum in Philadelphia – What Mummery is All About

Mummers Museum in Philadelphia - Museums in Philadelphia

'The Life of a Mummer - Museums in Philadelphia' . History of the Mummers Museum The Mummers Museum opened in 1976, which is a museum that represents an old Philadelphia tradition of Mummery. The first Mummers Parade was in 1901, and the pride and tradition of Philadelphians has grown into an all day affair with thousands of participants. The Mummers Museum Atmosphere and Experience The Mummers Museum showcases an elaborate collection of memorabilia to include costumes, a few of which date … [Read more...]

The Mummers Parade with Hegeman String Band – Part 3

The Hegeman String Band on Mummers Parade Day 1-1-12 - Mummers in Philadelphia

The Mummers Parade with Hegeman String Band - Part 3 "Walking Down Broad Street in Philadelphia" The Mummers Parade in Philadelphia happens every New Year's Day. It's a fun time and a great experience for everyone to experience once in their lifetime, watching the parade from the sidelines. The Mummer Experience & Atmosphere with the Hegeman String Band As I mentioned in Part's 1 and 2, I was able to experience this Mummers Parade from behind the scenes, and that I was able to walk up … [Read more...]

Hegeman String Band – Mummers in Philadelphia – Part 2

Hegeman String Band - 2012 Theme - ya'll don't know Dixie - Mummers Parade in Philadelphia

The Hegeman String Band - Mummers in Philadelphia - Part 2 "The Life of a Mummer" The History of the Mummers goes back further than many would expect, dating back to the 1600's and 1700's. The Mummers in Philadelphia dates back to the mid 1800's and the first Mummers Parade in Philadelphia was in 1901. If you actually research a lot of this, it's quite interesting, especially if you are some sort of history buff. For more info, click : History of the Mummers & Mummers in Philadelphia … [Read more...]