Warm Up by a Fireplace at these Philly Bars and Restaurants

FADO Irish Pub

'Enjoying The Warmth Of Fireplaces In Many Fine Restaurants & Bars'   As the cold days bear down on us, we seek warmth in many ways. Some prefer blankets and heaters, while others enjoy a cozy fire with their favorite cocktail with friends at a bar or during dinner. May it be a hot toddy, a glass of wine, your favorite glass of liquor or a beer, one can always find some sort of comfort at one of the many bars and restaurants that we have listed below. 33 Bars and Restaurants with a … [Read more...]

Things To Do In Philadelphia ~ Motorsports Race Car Show, Philly Arts and Much More!

Things To Do In Philadelphia

‘It's A Start Of A New Year In The City Of Brotherly Love! Hello 2014!’ The new usually starts off slow here in Philly, but will soon pick up with such events as Philadelphia Restaurant Week, The Philadelphia Car Show, the Philadelphia Flower Show, followed by many food festivals and much more. What do you look forward to the most in the first quarter of the year? Please tell us in the comments below. What event or activity this weekend or during the week excites you the most? Please … [Read more...]