Grim Philly Tours – Halloween in Philadelphia

Grim Philly Tours in Philadelphia

'Good Philadelphia History Tidbits with Ghouls and Stories'   Grim Philly Tours opened it's touring services in 2011. Founder Joe Wojie, is a historian and Professor of Rider University, who wants the tours not only to be fun and adventurous, but educational. Grim Philly is an unique tour company because it prides itself on factual events that can be documented with viable sources and not just partial facts or sources that can't be verified by an actual person. In many cases, we'll see a … [Read more...]

Mural Arts Program in Philly – Fun with Art

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

'Creating Awareness with Art while having Fun' , History of the Mural Arts Program The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program began in 1984 through the Mayor Wilson Goode era as the Anti-Graffiti Network. The main purpose was to reach out to graffiti writers and redirect their artistic energies of destructive graffiti and apply it to constructive mural painting projects. This program, since it's inception, has produced over 3,000 murals which have adorned the affection of many … [Read more...]

Take a Tour with Free and Friendly Tours in Philly

Free and Friendly Tours in Philadelphia - Philadelphia Tour companies

'Touring the City of Brotherly Love' There are many types of tours in the City of Philadelphia. Free Friendly Tours, which was founded by Mark Simmons and Mike Carwile, is a walking tour which is unique in several ways. Their model, which is a tip-based tour, caught on in Europe in 2006 and became a hit in 2008. As far as I can see, this tour company is the second kind of its nature in the United States. Free and Friendly Tours Experience & Atmosphere Starting with their first tour on … [Read more...]

Get Chills Exploring Independence National Historical Park

Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia

'America's Most Historic Square Mile' Feel the power walking throughout many parts of the Independence National Historical Park while knowing that it was a part of the American Revolution and the nation's founding history. Even though the park itself is 55-acres large, which comprises much of the downtown area known as Center City or the Historic District, the main focal point is within several square blocks which is called Independence Mall. The park has been nicknamed "America's most … [Read more...]

Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours Company – Sightseeing Tours in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours - Sightseeing tours in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours Company - Sightseeing Tours in Philadelphia 'Exploring the City of Philadelphia One Stop at a Time' Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours is an unique sightseeing tour company in the City of Philadelphia. The company has doubled the size of their fleet since starting in July of 2009. Walter Marino, who is the Vice President and Co-Owner of the company, said "We take great pride in Philadelphia, helping Philly out while creating jobs, creating an excitement and buzz … [Read more...]