About Susan Perloff

Susan Perloff, a Philadelphia native, lives in and loves Philadelphia. Her parents were born in the city, and their lore passes down through generations. Her favorite spot in the city is the Whispering Wall, an architectural oddity in West Fairmount Park. She also adores the Mummers Parade, City Hall and affordable restaurants known for the food, not the chef. Suburban picks include the Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Zern’s Market and the Beth Shalom Synagogue (architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s only religious building).

For a year, she served as a “municipal guide” for the Philadelphia government, assigned to “meet and greet visiting dignitaries” and third graders.

Raised in West Mt. Airy, Susan has lived in Wynnefield, Overbrook and Center City. She added to and edited the fifth, sixth and eighth editions of Off the Beaten Track: Pennsylvania, published by Globe Pequot Press.

In her spare time, Susan is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and writing coach. She can help you and your business write better newsletters, annual reports, training manuals, profiles, corporate histories or personal stuff. Her byline has appeared more than 150 times in the Philadelphia Inquirer and in more than 100 other periodicals. Primarily she writes for businesses, nonprofits, professional services and service businesses. She blogs about writing at WriterPhiladelphia.com.

Philadelphia City Hall

City Hall Philadelphia

'Most Impressive Building in Philadelphia' Philadelphia's City Hall, the biggest slice of gingerbread you’ll ever see, is the most impressive building in Philadelphia. Although the structure towered over the city for four-score years, in 1987, a developer got permission to build higher. Now 8 ordinary office towers dwarf the seat of municipal government. The blueprints called for Earth’s biggest building, but by the end of its 30-year construction, the Eiffel Tower and the Washington … [Read more...]

Marathon Grill – Restaurants in Philadelphia

Marathon Grill - Restaurants in Philadelphia

Marathon Grill - Restaurants in Philadelphia 'Serving Your Neighborhood' It would take a marathon of visits to try all the menu items at Marathon Grill, a family-owned Center City Philadelphia chain since 1984. And every visit would please your palate. My all-time favorite is the control-freak salad, which describes tastes, not personalities. For a reasonable $9, I can choose 1 of 4 kinds of greens, 3 of 20 veggies or “toppings,” 1 of 4 cheeses, 1 of 7 dressings and up to 6 freebies … [Read more...]