Summer Bocce Ball With Major League Bocce in Philadelphia

Major League Bocce Philadelphia

‘Bocce Ball Fun In Philadelphia’

Who loves to play Bocce ball! Think the opposite of Curling on ice and think about balls of metal or various kinds of plastic that is played on natural soil or asphalt courts.

Welcome to the Major League Bocce in Philadelphia league. First started in DC over 8 years ago, they have invade Philly in the fall of 2011. Major League Bocce is now in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD.

So what is all of the hype?

It’s a great time to socialize while having fun. Eight weeks of fun! You can create a team, join an already existing team, or register without a team. Not only do you get to participate in trying to kick your opponents arse by winning your game, but shooting for that end of season first place trophy and bragging rights. The winner will even have a small portion of money donated to their choice of charity.

Sounds okay, right? There’s more! There will be food and drink specials at your sponsor’s bar, a team t-shirt, plus an end of the season party. You’ll even be able to choose between three days of the week to play on and one of four locations in the City of Philadelphia.

  • Wednesdays in University City at Penn Park

Sounds better, right? Well, we aren’t done just yet! Major League Bocce  has graciously extended their summer registration until midnight of July 17 and has agreed to give our readers and fans $15 off the normal registration fee of $50. The code is MYPHILLY15!

It’s very simple. Click the link below and then click the word ‘register’. Then choose 1 of the 4 locations and you are on your way to fun and glory.

                     - Sign Up for Summer League   


Summer Bocce League with Major League Bocce in Philadelphia


  • Wednesdays in University City at Penn Park


Summer 2013 Schedule  |  First game is the week of July 23, 24, 25

Registration closes July 17, 2013


Sign up for Bocce Ball in Philadelphia  |  Click Here  |  Reminder of $15 off registration fee by use the code, MyPhilly15.

Web Site

Bocce in Philadelphia

pictures courtesy of DC Bocce & main Photo Credit – Tracy Mitchell

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