The Philadelphia Eagles Are Super Bowl Champions AKA World Champions! Parade Info!

Philadelphia Eagles Win The Super Bowl - Broad Street and City Hall

'Philadelphia Eagles Are World Champions!!' The Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl LII and are now World Champions! One can say three is a charm, because after the Eagles losing their first two Super Bowl appearances, they beat the New England Patriots 41 - 33! As a Philadelphian, it was a great sight to witness as tens of thousands of fans flooded the streets! Many fans have dreamed this their whole life, and those who were looking down from above as well! There was hugging, crying, those … [Read more...]

Philadelphia Eagles Vs The New England Patriots In Super Bowl 52! Fly Eagles Fly!

Boathouse Row in Philadelphia

'A Great Season And A Great Story!' The Philadelphia Eagles have been flying high all season! Things looked gloomy after Carson Wentz went down, as the Eagles were 10 and 2 prior to Wentz's injury and many Philadelphians thinking that the Eagles' season had now ended, even though Nick Foles stepped into the LA Rams game and came out with a win. Foles and the Eagles won the next 2 out of 3 games to hold onto the number 1 seed in the NFC! He then won the next to playoff games to lead the … [Read more...]

Philadelphia Eagles Vs The Minnesota Vikings In The NFC Championship Game In Philadelphia!!

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Minnesota Vikings - Fly Eagles Fly

'NFC Championship Game In Philly! - Fly Eagles Fly!' Pinch me, is what many Philadelphia Eagles fans might be saying! Why? Carson Wentz helped get the Eagles into position prior to his season ending injury, and Nick Foles, with the help of Coach Doug Pederson, not only solidified the number one seed, but has gotten us to the NFC Championship game! There were many fans, even the media, who had the Eagles one and done! We beat a good Atlanta Falcons team who was much better on defense … [Read more...]

Season Preview and Expectations for the 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles

'Fly Eagles Fly In 2017!' As the end of August rolls around, Eagles fans alike get the same feeling every year. While it is hard to put that feeling into words, it is something between eager and anxious and it always boils over as week one of the regular season approaches. Expectation Vs. Reality Disregarding the fans who predict that, “This is the year we win it all!” most Eagles fans are still bubbling over with excitement and playoff hopes. These hopes are not irrational, barring the … [Read more...]

The Philadelphia Eagles 2017 Roster Cuts To 53

2017 Roster Cuts

'Introducing Your 2017-18 Philadelphia Eagles' It's officially here, the roster cuts trimming the Philadelphia Eagles to a 53-man roster. Is this the Good, the Bad, or the Ugly? One question might be, do you have faith in Howie Roseman, the executive vice president of football operations for the Eagles. Time will tell. The roster cuts had to be in by 4 pm on Saturday, September 2. This doesn't mean that the Eagles roster is etched in stone. As of now, the NFL waiver wire ended at noon … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Stage And NFL Draft Experience In Philadelphia!

NFL Draft Stage Dome

'Get Ready To Rumble Football Fans!' Set..Philadelphia... Hut Hut Hike! Philadelphians and visitors will get to experience the largest festival footprint ever created by the National Football League, spanning the size of nearly twenty-five football fields! The NFL Draft Experience, from April 27 to 29, is free and no tickets are required. In order to play most of the interactive games at the festival, you'll need to download the NFL Draft Experience's Fan Mobile Pass (free)! Click … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Room At The Franklin Institute

NFL Draft Room

'Feel Like You Are Part Of A Team At The 2017 NFL Draft!' Feel the excitement of seeing how it all takes place at the NFL Draft! The NFL Draft Room is open to the public! Fans will be able to enter The Franklin Institute free of charge to witness live on what takes place behind the scenes and not from their living room couch. There will be a few small viewing galleries that visitors can walk by to experience this first hand. The team's draft tables are set up in the order of their draft … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Experience In Philadelphia With A Free Massive Outdoor Football Festival

NFL Draft Experience

'Get Ready To Rumble Football Lovers!' It might not be like the Philadelphia Eagles winning a Super Bowl, which many of us Eagles fans hope happens in the near future, but it certainly will be at the top of many football enthusiasts lists when the NFL Draft comes to Philly! The NFL Draft itself will be taking place at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art April 27 to 29. For the first time in history, the Draft theater will be constructed outside. This unique set up will allow for the … [Read more...]

Fabulous Philly Food At The NFL Draft Experience April 27 – 29!

baby back rib platter courtesy of Baby Blues BBQ

'Cheesesteaks, Barbecue, Crab Fries, Cheese Curds ~ Oh My!' Football and food sounds like a dangerous combination! Think of the ultimate tailgate party! The NFL Draft Experience in Philadelphia will be more than about top draft picks. Visitors will be able to experience interactive exhibits, awesome NFL memorabilia, the official NFL Draft set and much more! One might use up a lot of engery while exploring 25 football fields worth of action! What not a better way to reengerize yourself … [Read more...]

Sports Bars in Philadelphia for March Madness

Sports bars in Philadelphia - March Madness

'March Madness in Philadelphia' Who doesn't love March. You have spring fast approaching, St. Patrick's Day, American Red Cross month, Women's History month and of course, there is March Madness. The 2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament kicks off March 14 and 15 with a few play in games. Then the real excitement takes place March 16 and ends on April 3 with the National Championship game at the University of Phoenix stadium. This is the time of year that many businesses actually dislike this … [Read more...]