Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike Philadelphia! Allowing Veterans To Bond and Cope!

Silkies Hike at Cookies Tavern

'Camaraderie and Humor Will Save Lives' Approximately twenty-one veterans a day are taking their own lives! Silkies Hike is built on the premise that camaraderie and humor will save lives. Allowing veterans, both former and active, to bond, build friendships, and become a support network that veterans often need to fight the war at home. This hike is not about finding a cure or to raise money, the WALK IS THE CURE. This group wants to reduce PTSD and the suicide rate among the United States … [Read more...]

Celebrating Marines Birthday At Cookie’s Tavern In South Philly!!

Marines Birthday Celebration At Cookie's Tavern in South Philly

'241st Marine Corps Birthday Celebration' On November 10, 1775, the Continential Marines were established by the Second Continental Congress. Research indicates that the birthplace of the Corps, as the first place where Marines enlisted, was Tun Tavern in Philadelphia! In 1781, the Tun Tavern burned down. Its former structure stood at a location now occupied by Interstate 95, where it passes Penn's Landing. A commemorative marker on the east side of Front Street indicates the site, across … [Read more...]