Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike Philadelphia! Allowing Veterans To Bond and Cope!

Silkies Hike at Cookies Tavern

Cookies Tavern 2016

‘Camaraderie and Humor Will Save Lives’

Approximately twenty-one veterans a day are taking their own lives! Silkies Hike is built on the premise that camaraderie and humor will save lives. Allowing veterans, both former and active, to bond, build friendships, and become a support network that veterans often need to fight the war at home.

This hike is not about finding a cure or to raise money, the WALK IS THE CURE. This group wants to reduce PTSD and the suicide rate among the United States Veteran population! – while simultaneously raising awareness among the civilian population.

Silkies Hike was co-founded by best friends, Captain Danny Maher, USMC (Ret), and Sergeant Ryan Loya, USMC, through their non-profit Irreverent Warriors. The idea was that camaraderie and humor could save a life. Both Danny and Ryan each lost a close friend to suicide and as a result, made a pact to reduce the epidemic of veteran suicides.

The first event was on July 25, 2015 in San Diego and has now skyrocketed to over 40 events nationwide, each coordinated by local veterans. This is a continuing series of events throughout the United States, benefiting Irreverent Warriors,Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 47-4789126) whose mission is to: Bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to heal the mental wounds of war, through therapeutic events and entertainment, in order to reduce PTSD and prevent veteran suicide.

Silkies Hike

Silkies Hike Philadelphia 2016

Silkies Hike Philadelphia

In its 2nd year, former Marine Corporal Steven Pagano, will be hosting this year’s Philadelphia Silkies Hike. Steven originally started the Philadelphia Silkies Hike in May of 2016.

Participants will hike 10 miles while only wearing their combat boots and “silkies”, which are green physical training shorts that were made famous by the United States Marines. They will also be carrying 48.5lbs (for whoever enjoys the weight, not required) in their rucksacks to prevent the 21 U.S. veteran suicides every day.

The group will meet at Cookies Tavern at 2654 S Alder St (corner of 10th St & Oregon Ave) at 0830. At 0930 hours, they’ll step off to hit several different areas in Philadelphia. (the order with times will be updated soon) For those that still want to sign up: Sign Up For Silkies Hike in Philadelphia

Irreverent Warrior Stops will include:
Art Museum steps and Rocky Statue around 11 am, Irish Pub (2007 Walnut St), the original home of the war department in Old City as well as a few other landmarks such as the Liberty Bell and Independence HallThey’ll then proceed to the Tun Tavern sign (It is traditionally regarded as the site where the United States Marine Corps first held its recruitment drive during the American Revolution), then all memorials for previous wars (Beirut, Vietnam, Korean and WWII), South Street, O’Neals Irish Pub around 2:30 pm, Geno’s Steaks, Italian Market, and then they will end back at Cookies Tavern for a full after party. Approximately arriving around 1630 hours, which is 4:30 pm civilian time.

Press/Media and Donations

The Press is invited to join Silkies Hike Philadelphia at Cookie’s Tavern at 0830 start, during any parts of the hike and at the finish at 1630. The coordinator, Steven Pagano, will be available for comments. For on air, pre-event interviews please inquire with Steven Pagano (215)588-9196 or If you would like to donate money to help with the costs of the event or supply other items for along the hike, please let Steven know. Or for next year if you would like to participate, donate, supply certain items, have them stop by your establishment, please let Steven know.

Silkies Hike Pre-Gathering ~ May 19 at 2030 Hours (8:30 pm)

For those in town or coming into Philadelphia the night before, a few will be meeting at Misconduct Tavern (15th & Locust) at 2030 hours located at 1511 Locust St. There are a few tables reserved as well.

Marines Birthday Celebration in Philadelphia 2017

Every year since 1977, Marines and other branches of the service have been celebrating the Marines birthday on November 10 at Cookie’s Tavern in South Philly. What started out as a 2 person celebration the first year, to 100 people the second year, has now grown to around 1,500 people. It doesn’t matter if you have served or not, this is one celebration you don’t want to miss. A few blocks on Oregon Avenue are closed off. The fun usually kicks off around noon each year on November 10. There is a ceremony around 12:30 pm that lasts about an hour. There will also be food, beer and drinks, live music and more. People come from North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and even California. Come out and see what it’s all about! Semper Fi!


Meet at at Cookies Tavern at 2654 S Alder St (corner of 10th St & Oregon Ave) 
End at at Cookies Tavern at 1630 hrs


May 20, 2017


0830 hrs – 1630 hrs (4:00 pm)

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Photos from various Silkies Hikes in the U.S. and by Jeff Belonger for MyPhillyAlive

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