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‘Exploring Philly’s Exciting Museums’

Philadelphia’s museums are anything from small to massive, many with historic stories, some being interactive and others that dare us with the unexpected. We get excited when talking about Philly’s Museums and we would think Benjamin Franklin would feel the same if he were to come back to the City of Brotherly Love.

List of Philadelphia Museums

(Alphabetical Order)

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is primarily a family attraction, with a lot of educational things geared towards kids. Dinosaurs, educational programs, real working paleontologist on site, many events and activities such as; tiny tot explorers, safari overnights, and much more. More about the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel, Click Here.

Location:  1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway  |  Phone: (215) 299-1066

  • African-American Museum

With a diverse collection of fine and folk art, photographs, memorabilia and costumes, this museum in Philadelphia’s historic district traces the experiences and contributions of African-Americans from the kingdoms of Africa through to the present. The museum’s exhibits tell the story of African American life, focusing on topics such as family life, the visual arts, entertainment, politics, and sports. More about the African-American Museum, Click Here.

Location:  701 Arch St  |  Phone:  (215) 574-0380

The American Swedish Historical Museum, the oldest Swedish Museum in America, is dedicated to preserving and promoting Swedish and Swedish-American cultural heritage and traditions, including history, art, architecture, music, science and technology. More about American Swedish Historical Museum, Click Here.

Location:  1900 Pattison Ave  |  Phone:  (215)  389-1776

The Barnes Foundation is a highly publicized art collection with 180 Renoirs, 69 Cezannes and numerous Picassos, Manets, Monets and dozens more famous artists. It has relocated to the Art Museum District in Philadelphia. More about the Barnes Foundation, Click Here.

Location:  2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway  |  Phone:  (215) 278-7000

The Benjamin Franklin Museum is dedicated to bringing visitors closer to his private life as a citizen, as a philosopher, a diplomat and much more. Explore many rooms that showcase Franklin’s personality and character traits. More about Benjamin Franklin Museum, Click Here.

Location:  317 Chestnut St  |  Phone:  (215) 965-2305

Did Betsy Ross make the American Flag? There are historians on both side of the fence, but there are affidavits and evidence that source the fact that Betsy Ross did indeed make the American Flag. What does the American Flag mean to you? Please tell us. More about the Betsy Ross House, Click Here.

Location:  239 Arch Street |  Phone:  (215) 686-1252

  • Brandywine River Museum

The Brandywine River Museum is a museum of regional and American art located on U.S. Route 1 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania on the banks of the Brandywine Creek. The museum showcases the art of Andrew Wyeth, a major American realist painter.

Location:  US Rt. 1, Chadds Ford  |  Phone:  (610) 388-270

Carpenters’ Hall was used by the First Continental Congress from September 5 to October 26, 1774. The building was most useful for the First Continental Congress because it offered greater secrecy, in which at one point, voted to support a trade embargo against England. More about Carpenters’ Hall, Click Here.

Location:  320 Chestnut St  |  Phone:  (215) 925-0167

  • Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is an organization with a library, museum, and archive, whose purpose is to celebrate, preserve, and advance the study of the history of chemistry. More about the Chemical Heritage Foundation, Click Here.

Location:  315 Chestnut Street  |  Phone:  (215) 925-2222

Eastern State Penitentiary once held some of the most notorious criminals in America, such as Al Capone and Slick Willie Sutton. Did you know that the 11-acre prison even had central heat, running water and flush toilets before the White House. The prison is mostly known during Halloween in Philadelphia, which showcases Terror Behind the Walls. More about Eastern State Penitentiary, Click Here.

Location:  22nd & Fairmount Avenue | Phone:  (215) 236-3300

  • Fabric Workshop & Museum

Only museum in the United States creating and exhibiting new work in fabric and experimental materials in collaboration with emerging and established artists coming from diverse artistic backgrounds. More about the Fabric Workshop & Museum, Click Here.

Location:  1214 Arch St  |  Phone:  (215) 568-1111

The Fireman’s Hall Museum is part of a restored firehouse that was built in 1902. The museum is a direct descendant of the Union Fire Company that was started in 1736 by Ben Franklin. More about the Fireman’s Hall Museum, Click Here.

Location:  147 North Second Street  |  Phone:  (215) 923-1438

The Franklin Institute, both for children and adults, is such an amazing museum because of its interactive exhibits, innovative thinking towards science, and how the museum challenges you to think outside the box with its exhibits. More about The Franklin Institute, Click Here.

Location:   20th St & Ben Franklin Pkwy  |  Phone:  (215) 448-1200

Independence Hall can be thought as the birthplace of the United States. It is where the Declaration of Independence was adopted and where the Constitution of the United States was debated, drafted and signed. This is where the First Continental Congress and Second Continental Congress originated, which has become known as Congress, which is now in Washington D.C. More about Independence Hall, Click Here.

Location:  520 Chestnut St  |  Phone:  (215) 965-2305

Known as the birthplace of American democracy, Independence National Historical Park (INHP) is located on 55-acres. Keep in mind that this area was part of the American Revolution and the nation’s founding history. In a small area, you have Independence Hall where most of it began, the liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, and much more. Get a feel for American History in one small place. More about Independence National Historical Park, Click Here.

Location:  1 North Independence Mall  |  Phone:  (215) 965-2305

The Independence Seaport Museum is an amazing museum which has dozens of exhibits including the warship USS Olympia, the nation’s oldest floating steel warship (1892) and the submarine USS Becuna. More about Independence Seaport Museum, Click Here.

Location:  211 S Columbus Blvd & Walnut St  |  Phone:  (215) 925-5439

  • Institute of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art or ICA is a contemporary art museum dedicated to exhibiting the innovative art of our time. More about the Institute of Contemporary Art, Click Here.

Location:  University of Pennsylvania, 36th & Sansom Sts  |  Phone:  (215) 898-7108

The Mummers Museum showcases an elaborate collection of memorabilia to include costumes, a few of which date back to the turn of the century. One must understand the ‘Life of a Mummer’, that these individuals practice year round. Every Tuesday evening from May through September, the museum holds a free outdoor string band concert. More about the Mummers Museum, Click Here.

Location:  1100 South 2nd Street (2nd & Washington)  |  Phone:  (215) 336-3050

Opens April 2017The Museum of the American Revolution tells the full story of the American Revolution and explores its ongoing legacy, showcasing a vast collection. There are over 3,000 artifacts that have been collected to include General George Washington’s marquee and much more. Anchoring the eastern end of Independence National Historical Park, The Museum is going to be an exciting and important project. More about the Museum of American Revolution, Click Here.

Location:  123 Chestnut Street  |  Phone:  (215) 253-6731

  • Mütter Museum

The Mütter Museum is a riveting storehouse for the anatomically strange. The Museum’s display of 20,000 provocative items is designed to give a beneath-the-surface perspective of what physicians study. More about the Mutter Museum, Click Here.

Location:  19 S 22nd St  |  Phone:  (215) 563-3737 ext. 242

The powerful experience of the National Constitution Center begins when you first decide to explore the ‘We the People’ exhibit, which is a permanent exhibit year round. When choosing this exhibit, you aren’t issued a ticket to enter, but a Delegate’s Pass. More about the National Constitution Center, Click Here.

Location:  525 Arch St, Independence Mall  |  Phone:  (215) 409-6600

The National Liberty Museum is four stories high and includes 78 exhibits, 179 works of contemporary art, and stories of 2,000 heroes within eight expansive galleries and adjacent spaces. The Museum reminds us that we each have the Power of One and to make a difference. More about the National Liberty Museum, Click Here.

Location:  321 Chestnut St  |  Phone:  (215) 925-2800

The National Museum of American Jewish History has 350 years of stories of American Jewish History. These are stories of Freedom, to be accepted as members of society and allowed to practice their religion. It was a desire shared with many of the other early settlers in the New World. More about the National Museum of American Jewish History, Click Here.

Location:  101 South Independence Mall East  |  Phone:  (215) 923-3811

Also known as the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, this museum is a must for history buffs and the curious alike. If you love ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the largest display of pillars outside of Egypt, and the third largest Sphinx in the world, you can’t miss this place. More about Penn Museum, Click Here.

Location:  33rd and Spruce Sts  |  Phone:  (215) 898-4000

  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is a museum and art school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1805 and is the first and oldest art museum and art school in the United States. 

Location:  118 N Broad St  |  Phone:  (215) 972-7600

The Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent unveils 8 new galleries of exhibits, offering a glimpse of Philadelphia’s storied past that extends well beyond the Founding Fathers. More about the Philadelphia History Museum, Click Here.

Location:  15 S 7th St  |  Phone:  (215) 685-4830

The Philadelphia Museum of Art sits majestically on a rise at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The vast collections of this museum makes it the third-largest art museum in the country. Always bringing in special exhibits, the architecture in itself is something to marvel over, and an absolute must-see in the City of Brotherly Love. More about Philadelphia Museum of Art, Click Here.

Location:  26th & Ben Franklin Pkwy  |  Phone:  (215) 763-8100

The Please Touch Museum is an interactive children’s museum that has 6 exhibit zones, in which three exhibit areas are designed specifically for children ages 3 and under. All of these areas teach kids the importance of playing, and not just their focus on television. More about the Please Touch Museum, Click Here.

Location:  4231 Avenue of the Republic, Fairmount Park  |  Phone:  (215) 963-0667

  • Polish American Culture Center Museum

The Polish American Cultural Center and Museum Exhibit Hall are a focal point for many Polish American affairs in the greater Philadelphia area.

Location:  308 Walnut St  |  Phone:  (215) 922-1700

The Rodin Museum has nearly 130 sculptures of Auguste Rodin’s work, his most famous and popular being ‘The Thinker’. The best thing about the Rodem Museum is that it is not obnoxiously large and can be see in roughly 30 minutes. More about the Rodin Museum, Click Here.

Location:  22nd St & Ben Franklin Pkwy  |  Phone:  (215) 763-8100

  • Rosenbach Museum & Library

 Encompasses the collections of the Rosenbach brothers, including decorative arts and rare books and manuscripts.

Location:  2008-2010 Delancey Place  |  Phone:  (215) 732-1600

  • Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

This museum has one of the world’s greatest collections of racing sports cars. The Museum contains over 65 historically significant cars including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, Corvette, Ford, and more. For more info, Click Here.

Location: 6825 Norwitch Drive  |  Phone:  (215) 365-7233

  • Wagner Free Institute of Science

 A Victorian natural science and history museum and educational institution that is dedicated to providing free public education in the sciences since 1855.

Location:  1700 W. Montgomery Avenue (North Philadelphia, near Temple University)  |  Phone:  (215) 763-6529

Woodmere Art Museum is located in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, which has a collection of paintings, prints, sculpture and photographs focusing on artists from the Delaware Valley.

Location: 9201 Germantown Ave  |  Phone: (215) 247-0476


Please tell us in the comments below, which Philadelphia Museums are your favorite or which museums you would like to visit. Thanks


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  1. Great feature, Jeff! Many people assume museums are old buildings with older paintings and only old people go to the museum. This is not the case in our home. Philly is a gold mine of eclectic art. The Fireman’s Hall and The Please Touch Museum are favorites for me kids.

    • Valerie, I think Philadelphia has the best museums in the U.S.. So many to choose from and so much history. And you are correct, museums are for everyone, even children. I like taking my nieces and nephews to the Franklin Institute and The Academy of Natural Sciences as well. thx for your feedback.

  2. How could you exclude Woodmere Museum


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